My New Mantra

Make it through the day. Make it through the week. Make it through the month. Make it through another year. God, sometimes it is just so bad. Other times I don't think of him at all. I truly view myself as a recovering drug addict. He is still in my system at a dangerous level, in my opinion. Just have to wait it out. The fact that a new day can mean a new attitude is about the only hopeful thing I can find in all of this. It keeps me strong.

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  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I've read a few blogs and whatnot about people recovering from affairs. Most of them concentrate on the difficult work they do with their spouse, reconnecting with their spouse, how to heal, discover what led to the affair, perhaps make their marriage even better than before. Your blog, even years after d-day, is ENTIRELY about your AP.