Hanging in

So far so good on the stalker avoidance. Except... well, one thing. Remember me guessing my friend's email login? Over the last week, it occurred to me that there might be other "gold" in there to mine... what she had said about me. So I checked it out. And well... that was another battering ram. It's weird, because there's nothing to shake your confidence like the truth. I now am not sure I will ever have the same standing with her that I thought I did. I suppose I deserve it, snooping around her email. But here's the worst part-- yesterday she got an email from him. It was a simple one, just to say happy Thanksgiving and check in. No details. But I guess I broke the rules, because how much MORE of a stalker can I be, reading his message just freshly written?

So guys, I still suck. Mentally I do feel better. Less controlled by it. But my actions speak volumes, don't they? Sorry to not be the bringer of massive hope.

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  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    There is no such thing as massive hope. Only small bits and pieces that shine through now and then. One step back doesn't negate two steps forward. Have faith in yourself - and take hope where you find it.