OK, I admit: defeat.

These are the horrible things we do. We adopt words into our vocabulary, we add artists to our favorite lists on profiles, we rent movies that we otherwise wouldn't have rented. We watch these movies, naively expecting a phone call during the screening. Nevermind that it is a Friday night, and there is no way that he knows your husband is gone for the weekend, and nevermind that you KNOW for a fact that he and the new GIRL have attended a concert of one of your favorite bands earlier in the evening, which is by the way, composed of several of your mutual friends...... despite all of these things, you really think he will call. And then. The title of this blog should point you in the direction I go next...

The despicable side comes out. You call the number. You log into his voice mail. You have done this much, much earlier in the evening-- maybe the afternoon? And you have noted he has two new messages. You hung up then, thinking, "hm." Profound, I know. You also (is this dirty or despicable? Or both?) checked his new girl's voice mail, and learned she had one new message. Let's nevermind how you know how to do this, for both of them. Let's just call you dirty and despicable and not ask questions now, shall we? But now? At almost 1 in the morning. When you logged in again to check. His messages? Gone. Checked and deleted. No messages. Hers? ONE NEW MESSAGE.

What does this mean? Well you don't have to be a rocket fucking scientist to figure out that he's fucking her tonight. Maybe right when you checked? And maybe that's what you deserve. He has told you time and time again he'd love to have you by his side. Would drop her in a heartbeat. But can you blame him? Thus far, you haven't shown any signs of leaving the dear (if somewhat inept in areas) husband. What the fuck else do you want him to do?


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  1. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Ahhhhh Jesus...yeah, I know, I know. I only WISH I knew, how to do what you did...but, the thoughts are all there, without the verification.
    Your last paragraph...OOOOuch...yeah...you're right...WTF?? Why...am I so stupid?? Damn....this sucks.