Maddening searches for non-Internet-y friends

Or lovers. Yes, let's go ahead and admit, lovers. Damn him and his non-unique name having, non social networking presence, non Flickr surfing ways. Damn him to hell. And damn his new girlfriend to hell too. And her witty little Myspace profile as well.

Oh. Did I mention I'm married? Yep. That was probably a good reason for him to end it, wasn't it? I suppose I should be more on board with the whole thing.


  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Damn....how did we start this shit? Why did it have to escalate to such MAMMOTH fucking proportions?? Damn...the one other fuck buddy relationship I had, went on for two plus decades. No love...just sex. This one...ohhh smart ass me, just add love to the mix now & won't it be sweet? Oh yeah...didnt count on his falling in stinkin love with Me, or Me, so with him...already HAVE a decent, caring, kind (albeit BORING) husband who would DIE if he knew this. Shit...I'm so fucking depressed.

  2. Anonymous8:59 AM

    wow. exactly.