Hello everyone. I've just edited the blog a bit to hopefully make it more readable. I've inserted jump points in my longer posts so someone scanning for the first time doesn't have to scroll through the longer posts to get a sense for the direction of this whole thing. Another update for you: the universe handed me another password giving me access to info about exAP. I was too weak to not try it. It worked. Now I can see his FB feed whenever I like. I have been relieved that he doesn't post there a lot. How and why do I stop? I can't un-know the login. I didn't pry for it either... it was given to me in a completely unrelated context. I guess I should stop listening so closely. Anyway, I've been checking that about once a week. Ugh. Need to stop. Good news in all of this: he bores me. Also, his power weakens and weakens still. Coming up on the two year anniversary of true no contact in May too!


  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Be careful with that. I know mine and most others are set to notify the owner by email when a sign-in occurs from any other IP address.

  2. Yes... twisted person that I am, I'm so aware how easy it is to spy on others that I'm paranoid about all my own accounts and I do this. But because I do this, I know there is a screen I'll see first where I have to name the unrecognized computer. If that ever comes up, I would just skip it and be done. One of my other prying avenues closed spontaneously about 6 months ago (password to our good mutual friends' email) and I was so relieved. Moral: change passwords often and set up notifications to avoid scumbags like me.