Seriously? In a WEDDINGS magazine?

Well, the Google urge came up tonight girls. So I can't lie, he is still in my head and heart. And what do I find, but a nice huge article all about his wedding and how he proposed and all of that frilly and pain-laden information. The venue they chose was so unique for their town, and the decor so classy, that it got written up in a magazine given to people planning weddings in their town. So it was all about who they chose to do this, and who they chose to do that, blah blah blah.


Also, I just visited another person from the inner circle of friends that we told about all of this back in May 2008. She was great about it, but through one of her slip-ups, I found out that this random girl who I barely know and didn't even work with also knows about the affair. You know the show Jersey Shore? She could be on it. Not the kind of person I want having this information. And if she has it, I'm sure about everyone we ever worked with or knew at this common place also knows about it.
Which just fucking sucks too. Lesson today? Crap. No lesson. Just that burning pain.


  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    So sorry you are in pain again. Thanks for fessing up and posting about it though. I've had a few urges but after reading your post I think I'd rather eat sand! LOL Hang in there! And stop GOOGLE'N!

    No Contact = No New Hurts


  2. This blog and you guys keep me honest. Yes, sand is a good comparison! But perhaps rubbing it in your eyes..... ouch. Not doing that anymore!